LUVOIR: The Large UltraViolet Optical Infrared Surveyor

Performance Simulation

This page links to performance simulations and visualizations for the LUVOIR mission, NASA's future concept observatory for UVOIR astronomy.

All these widgets are experimental. If they are not working email tumlinson AT stsci.

HDI Photometric ETC

This is the basic ETC for photometry in multiband images.

LUMOS Spectroscopic ETC

This is a very simple ETC for UV spectroscopy with LUVOIR.

UV MOS and Stellar Clusters

See the impact of UV MOS on the study of stellar clusters and their feedback.

Galaxy Imaging Resolution

A comparison of resolutions for a z = 2 galaxy.

Coronagraphic Spectra of ExoEarths

Model observations of Earth-like planets with realistic noise.

Exoplanet Yield Tool

A widget for visualizing the Stark et al. ExoEarth yields.

Experimental CMD Visualizer

A minimally functional visualizer for simple CMDs.

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